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This set of reports shows the three parts of this technology. The ESAUSR2 report shows the CPU time used by the z/VM virtual machine, accurate to the microsecond. The ESAUCD4 report shows the CPU time that Linux measures as "consumed". The Linux server was defined twice to the data collection, so data was collected twice with one server "BOBLINX2" defined as native, the second server, "BOBLINX" defined as a virtual server with the virtual name of LINUX001. BOBLINX has been corrected using the prorate function.

The next step is to take the prorate factor and apply it to the processes as shown on the ESAHST1 report. Note that SNMPD is reported by Linux as consuming 38 percent of a processor. In reality it was consuming 13 percent. This disparity is very common under normal conditions.

A comment about this SNMPD. Running on Linux under z/VM on a p390 - about the speed of an 18Mhz 386. The request rate was set higher than normal to increase the load. With twice as many requests (BOBLINX and BOBLINX2), 6% would be the normal processor consumption, which on current "z" processor technology is less then .3 percent of a processor.