Velocity Software, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the performance measurement of z/VM and Linux on z. The Velocity Performance Suite consist of a set of tools that enable installations running z/VM to manage Linux and z/VM performance. In addition, many components of server farms can be measured and analyzed. Performance data can be viewed real-time through the use of either 3270 or a browser. The CLOUD Implementation (zPRO) component is designed for full cloud PaaS implementation as well as to extend the capabilities of the z/VM sysprog (system programmer) to the browser world. This feature moves system management to the point-and-click crowd. Archived data and reports can be kept available of long term review and reporting usine zMAP. The zVPS, formally ESALPS, components consist of: zMON (formally ESAMON - real-time display of performance data), zTCP (formally ESATCP - SNMP data collection), zMAP (formally ESAMAP - historical reporting and archiving), zVWS (formally ESAWEB - z/VM based web server), zTUNE (a subscription service), zVIEW (formally SHOWCASE - web based viewing of performance data), zPRO (new to the quality line of Velocity Software Products). Velocity continues to work with other software vendors to ensure smooth interface with or from other products such as VM:Webgateway, CA-Webgateway, EnterpriseWeb, MXG, MICS. Velocity software remains the leader and inovator in the z/VM performance, Linux performance, Managing cloud computing arenas.
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zTUNE - Example Reports

There are over 100 rules processed against the system, users, DASD, Linux servers and network, and more rules are being added as more situations are diagnosed. If the zTUNE rules do not identify your problem immediatly, Call the Velocity Software performance experts and we will identify the problem to the best of our ability.

Storage Problems?

For example, if there were storage problems, this is a sample of an installation short on storage. Some users could be protected using the SET RESERVED command.

01:00:00 *** Interval analysis ***
*****zTUNE Evaluation   *************
STR5 5.47 deferred tasks are waiting for storage.
       Storage available is insufficient.
USR2 User ESAWRITE is paging excessively (12.3 per second)
     This user can be protected using SET RESERVED
USR2 User LINUX120 is paging excessively (13.5 per second)
     This user can be protected using SET RESERVED
USR2 User LINUX160 is paging excessively (96.2 per second)
     This user can be protected using SET RESERVED
USR2 User LINUX161 is paging excessively (37.7 per second)
     This user can be protected using SET RESERVED

Processor Problems?

In this example, two processes on Linux are using almost a full processor. The linux server using the CPU is identified, how to control it's resource is shown, and there are two heavy java processes on the identified server.

*****zTUNE Evaluation   *************
LNH0 Node LINUX161 has 100 percent processor utilization
     Control node using SET SHARE command as in:
     This will reduce impact on other servers.
LNX3 Node LINUX161 has process java using 58 percent cpu.
LNX3 Node LINUX161 has process java using 29 percent cpu.

Many other Problems?

In this example, it shows that spool is nearly full. When spool fills, CP will stop spooling consoles or accepting other spool files. The other problem is common for new installations with Linux, where linux servers are held on z/VM's Eligble list - and not allowed to be dispatched. There is a very easy solution to this problem.

*****zTUNE Evaluation   *************
SPL5 Spool utilization is 86.2% full.
     Perform Spool file analysis and purge large
      spool files, or force users currently writing
      excessively to spool.
SRM2 There are 0.216 users on the Eligible list.
     This has the impact of increasing response time
      and decreasing CPU.  The eligible list is most
      likely a result of a low STORBUF.
     Recommendation: Increase Storbuf to 300 300 300

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